Holiday recap: Touring around the country on my bike!


Everybody is aware of motorcycle touring, and how adventurous it is, especially during holidays. Many people in America enjoy their holidays by touring in various areas such as parks among other green areas. The number of motorcyclists in America has increased rapidly since 1997. However, high number of motorcyclists has resulted to an increase in number of accidents. The reason for increased accidents is simply because motorists are not making use of helmets. If you are a motorist in U.S, just make use of cheap motorcycle helmets whenever cycling. Helmet is the only safety concern that will protect you from fatal brain injury in case of an accident; since we all believe that, no one can prevent an accident if it has to happen.

Since everyone like touring during holidays, the First Day January, 2014 I decided to spend my holiday at the parks of Orlando. I chose to tour with my motorcycle since it’s the most enjoyable and cheap in terms of gas consumption. However, I forgot helmet and started my journey very excited. I remembered the helmet while am already in the parks after seeing other cyclist wearing theirs. I was worried because it is a safety concern to wear helmet so i decided to have a look online and found a great site online about the best motorcycle helmets at which laid out all the features pretty nicely. According to statistics of brain injuries in America, motorcycles are dominantly the highest cause. Therefore, I decided to find a dealer of cheap motorcycle helmets so that I can buy one.

Many people have that mental block not to wear helmets while cycling. This has led to the U.S Department of Transportation Safety to come in, and insisted on the issue of using helmets whenever one is cycling. The purpose of wearing helmet should be well understood by motorcycle users. Helmets are aimed at absorbing impact of collision in case an accident happens. Brain injuries are common to motorcyclists who do not consider safety of helmets. Since I understand the necessity of wearing motorcycle helmet, I simply bought a new one at a cheap price. Now I had confidence while touring in the theme parks together with other motorcyclists.

touring-holidayMotorcycle touring can only be enjoyable if your helmet is comfortable. The comfort of any helmet is when you feel smooth at all areas it comes onto contact with skull. When I was choosing my new helmet, I had to consider some specifications to get the best. For instance, best cheap motorcycle helmets are light weight, tough, and crack resistance fibers. I also chose full face helmet because it is the safest, as well as, relatively low cost. It is always advisable to spend your money on an item that is worthy the amount. I felt safe with the helmet that even brought motivation of cycling everywhere in the parks.

There are high risks associated with touring around without a helmet. Many cyclists forget about the rules and regulations governing them while cycling. It is important to always remember to wear helmet whenever you are cycling. A $60 helmet will meet basic requirements of US Department of Transportation Safety. In addition, these cheap motorcycle helmets will protect you from getting brain injuries if a fatal accident occurs.

Harley Davidson’s Project Live Wire – A winner in the making


Known for its machismo inducing bikes, Harley Davidson has enthralled biking enthusiasts all over the world for several decades making it one of the most iconic brands that is instantly recognizable. But the latest Harley code named ‘Project Live Wire‘ might make loyalists of the brand raise questions whether the company is headed in the right direction. Project Live Wire is the company’s attempt at dishing out an electric bike meant for the masses and the first pictures of the bike look pretty enticing and promising.

Though the idea of an electric Harley might not go down well with most Harley purists, the company sees this as the next logical thing to do because of the tough competition from its rivals who have already production ready electric bikes. The specifications of Project Live Wire are by no means the best in business, but they are good enough for everyday commuting. A single charge of the bike will allow you to travel up to 53 miles before you juice the batteries once again and it can hit a top speed of 92mph which is way below average. Nevertheless, the company swears that this is not the final production model and that it will undergo further refinements before being launched to the public in 2016.

For now, Harley Davidson intends to take the bike on a complete tour of the United States to gauge the pulse of the consumers and get valuable feedback from them. It has tied up with its massive dealer network across the country to achieve this and if you are lucky enough, you may get a chance to be among the selected few to test drive the bike. So keep your fingers crossed and hope that you get to see this beast hit the roads very soon!

Catering at the Mortal Kombat X announcement


So the other day we where invited to provide our awesome catering services at the announcement party of  the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat X video game! Over at MCX they have already written a Mortal Kombat X review so go check it out! The day was fantastic and everyone really enjoyed our services. We will definitely be checking out the game when it comes out next year! There are also some other really cool mortal kombat games you should have a look at in the mean time!

Until our next catering event! Adios and don’t forget to contact us to provide catering to your launch party!

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